Version 4.4.0

We are happy to announce the Ballerina VS Code extension 4.4.0 release with a few exciting new features and improvements. Following are the highlights of this release.

If you are new to Ballerina, you can download the installers to install it. You can install the Ballerina VS Code extension from the VS Code marketplace.

New features

New release now supports opening Ballerina gist files and repositories using the VS Code URL Us command.

Use the below to open a gist file:

  • vscode://wso2.ballerina/open-file?gist=74cea880fefcb463d26a0c46f38fce39&file=hello_world.bal`
  • vscode://wso2.ballerina/open-repo?repoUrl=


The GraphQL designer, Entity Relationship Diagram, and Type Diagram, now provide support for users to navigate to a specific node based on their selection in the field type.