Construct a record

Follow the steps below to construct a record using the Statement Editor.

  1. Navigate to the Record Editor and select Create New.

  2. Double-click the default record name to change it.

  3. To add another field to the record, click the plus button, which appears when you hover over the current field.

  4. To convert the record field to a default-valued field, click the semicolon(;).

    Info: This selects the complete record field and selects the Expressions tab.

  5. Click the Es=Ex template.

    Info: The selected field gets updated with the <add-expression> template. You can double-click and update it.

  6. Follow either of the two approaches below to mark a record field as Optional. First, select the variable name of the field that is needed to mark as optional, and then,

    1. select the ? from the toolbar
    2. select the Es? template from the Expressions tab
  7. To convert the record to an open/closed record, select the complete record by clicking on the record keyword.

    Info: This selects the Expressions tab, which gives the option to make a record a closed record.

  8. Once the record field configuration is done, click Save.