The sections below describe the IntelliSense features that can be used to edit Ballerina code via the VS Code extension.

Code completion and snippets

The extension provides suggestions on variables, keywords, and code snippets of language constructs (such as functions, type definitions, services, iterable constructs, etc.).

Following are some key features of the code completion support provided by the extension.

Context-aware completion items

The completion items list is sorted based on the context of the current cursor position.

Suggestions for service templates

Service templates corresponding to each available listener are provided in the list of completion items.

Completion support for iterables

The foreach and foreach i completion items are provided for iterable variables.

Completion support for type guarding a variable

The typeguard completion item is provided for union-typed variables.

Filling required fields of a record

The Fill Record required fields completion item is provided for filling the remaining fields of a Record-typed value.

Help via hover

When hovering over a symbol name, you will be provided with quick information about the particular symbol. For example, when hovering over a function name, you will be prompted with the associated documentation.

Signature help

When typing a function/method call expression, the signature help will show information such as the function/method call’s description and parameter information. Signature help will be triggered when typing the open parenthesis and comma.