Define a configurable variable

As you develop your construct, you may identify a parameter for which the value needs to be configurable and for which you have not already defined the required configurable. Then, you can access the configurable variable template while defining/editing the current statement.

Follow the steps below to add a variable and make its value configurable.

Info: In this example, you create a variable host of type string and decide that the value of this variable should be configurable.

  1. Click on the <add-expression> template and click the Add-configurable button in the toolbar.

    Info: This opens up a new pane with the configurable variable statement template.

  2. Update the variable name and value as required.

  3. Click the Add button.

    Info: This adds the configurable variable to the source code and updates the current statement as shown below.

A new configurable variable gets generated in the source code as shown below.

configurable string dbHost = "localhost";