Flexible, Powerful, Beautiful
Integrations as Code with Ballerina

Open source, cloud-native programming language optimized for integration

Batteries included: Rich ecosystem of network protocols, data formats, and connectors

Edit/view source code textually or graphically as sequence diagrams and flowcharts

Built-in, easy and efficient concurrency with sequence diagrams and safety primitives

Developed by WSO2 since 2016 and first released in February 2022

Ballerina fills the Integration Gap

Integration problems have been solved by restricted drag-and-drop tools/DSLs or generic programming languages that don't understand the unique challenges of integrations.

Ballerina is the ONLY programming language designed for integration.

Position Ballerina

Why Ballerina

Cloud native

Network primitives in the language make it simpler to write services and run them in the cloud.

Flexibly typed

Structural types with support for openness are used both for static typing within a program and for describing service interfaces.

Data oriented

Type-safe, declarative processing of JSON, XML, and tabular data with language-integrated queries.


Programs have both a textual syntax and an equivalent graphical form based on sequence diagrams.


Easy and efficient concurrency with sequence diagrams and language-managed threads without the complexity of asynchronous functions.

Reliable, maintainable

Explicit error handling, static types, and concurrency safety, combined with a familiar, readable syntax make programs reliable and maintainable.

Who uses Ballerina?

WSO2ChoreoMOSIPAvinya Foundation
Ballerina CentralRedcross ElixirRAAPIDTech Venturas

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Why should you start programming with Ballerina?

Tutorial: Creating a service in Ballerina


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