2201.5.1 (Swan Lake)

Overview of Ballerina Swan Lake 2201.5.1

Swan Lake 2201.5.1 is the first patch release of Ballerina 2201.5.0 (Swan Lake Update 5) and it includes a new set of bug fixes to the language and tooling.

Update Ballerina

Update your current Ballerina installation directly to 2201.5.1 using the Ballerina Update Tool as follows.

  1. Run bal update to get the latest version of the Update Tool.
  2. Run bal dist pull 2201.5.1 to update to this latest distribution.

Install Ballerina

If you have not installed Ballerina, then, download the installers to install.

Language updates

Bug fixes

To view bug fixes, see the GitHub milestone for 2201.5.1 (Swan Lake).

Developer tools updates


OpenAPI Tool

  • Added support for object-typed query parameters in the OpenAPI to Ballerina service generation.
  • Added support to generate low-level service skeletons without any data-binding logic. This mode can be enabled by adding the --without-data-binding flag to the OpenAPI to Ballerina service generation command.