2201.2.2 (Swan Lake)

Overview of Ballerina Swan Lake 2201.2.2

Swan Lake 2201.2.2 is the second patch release of Ballerina 2201.2.0 (Swan Lake Update 2) and it includes a new set of bug fixes to the language, language server, and developer tooling.

Update Ballerina

If you are already using Ballerina 2201.0.0 (Swan Lake), run either of the commands below to directly update to 2201.2.2 using the Ballerina Update Tool.

bal dist update (or bal dist pull 2201.2.2)

If you are using a version below 2201.0.0 (Swan Lake), run the commands below to update to 2201.2.2.

  1. Run bal update to get the latest version of the Update Tool.

  2. Run bal dist update ( or bal dist pull 2201.2.2) to update your Ballerina version to 2201.2.2.

However, if you are using a version below 2201.0.0 (Swan Lake) and if you already ran bal dist update (or bal dist pull 2201.2.2) before bal update, see Troubleshooting to recover your installation.

Install Ballerina

If you have not installed Ballerina, then download the installers to install.

Language updates

To view bug fixes, see the GitHub milestone for 2201.2.2 (Swan Lake)

Developer tools updates

New features

Language Server

  • Introduced new refactor extract code actions to extract the below.
    • a constant expression to a constant
    • an expression to a local variable
    • an expression or set of statements to a function
  • Improved the Create variable code action to provide a rename popup after applying it
  • Added a new code action to convert an array to array mapping into a query expression
  • Introduced a new API to load a project into the Workspace Manager


Language Server

  • Improved code action support for optional fields, union typed fields, and query expressions
  • Improved the LS Package Loader to update the package map after pulling a module
  • Improved the Import module code action to change the module prefix when the module is already imported
  • Improved the sorting in the method call expression, limit expression, error constructor, and positional argument
  • Refactored the usage of commands in code actions with a code action resolve request
  • Improved the Compiler plugin code action to prevent applying invalid text edits

Bug Fixes

To view bug fixes, see the GitHub milestone for 2201.2.2 (Swan Lake) of the repositories below.