Overview of jBallerina 1.2.11

The jBallerina 1.2.11 patch release improves upon the 1.2.10 release by addressing a number of issues.

You can use the update tool to update to jBallerina 1.2.11 as follows.

For existing users:

If you are already using jBallerina version 1.2.0, or above, you can directly update your distribution to jBallerina 1.2.11 by executing the following command:

ballerina dist update

However, you need to use the following commands instead of the above if you have installed:

  • jBallerina 1.2.0 but switched to a previous version: ballerina dist pull 1.2.11
  • a jBallerina version below 1.1.0: install via the installers

For new users:

If you have not installed jBallerina, then download the installers to install.

Standard library


Introduce inbound response validation for HTTP/1.1 client.

  • maxStatusLineLength - The maximum length allowed for the response status line. Exceeding this limit will result in an error
  • maxHeaderSize - The maximum size allowed for headers. Exceeding this limit will result in an error
  • maxEntityBodySize - The maximum size allowed for the entity body. By default, it is set to -1, which means there is no restriction on themaxEntityBodySize. Exceeding this limit will result in an error

Improve the concurrent behavior of the cache.