Ballerina for integration

Just write the code using the only language with integration-friendly abstractions.

Ballerina for AI as a Service

Ballerina is the best language to write your AI-powered applications that consume LLMs and other generative models.

Ballerina for healthcare

Write code with healthcare-friendly abstractions.

Data-oriented programming with Ballerina

With its robust support, seamless integration with data constructs, and powerful features make Ballerina the top choice for efficient data handling and processing.

Ballerina for Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

Event-driven architecture provides loose coupling, scalability, responsiveness, extensibility, and fault tolerance. Remarkably, Ballerina can produce and consume events like no other.

Ballerina for B2B integrations

Ballerina is the only language with native support for B2B integrations.

Ballerina for ETL

Write code with integration-friendly abstractions.

Ballerina: The ultimate toolset for seamless microservices development

The ultimate toolset for seamless microservices development.

Ballerina for developing back-ends for modern front-ends

Ballerina's support for various protocols, availability of connectors, built-in security features, and advanced data transformation capabilities make it the ideal choice for developing back-ends for modern front-ends.