Below is an extensive list of community-maintained articles, blogs, and videos to get you up to speed with Ballerina.

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Featured blog posts

Ballerina WebSocket Service — The Anatomy

By Bhashinee Nirmali

24 May 2022

Why Ballerina is a language

By James Clark

4 May 2022

Blog posts

Ballerina WebSocket Service — The Anatomy

By Bhashinee Nirmali

24 May 2022

Why Ballerina is a Language

By James Clark

4 May 2022

A Practical Guide for Language Server Protocol

By Malintha Ranasinghe

11 Dec 2021

Event-Driven APIs with Webhook and WebSub

By Anupama Pathirage

8 Nov 2021

Immutability in Ballerina — Part I

By Maryam Ziyad

26 Sep 2021

Introduction to OpenAPI with Ballerina

By Anupama Pathirage

4 Sep 2021

Introduction to gRPC on Ballerina

By Anupama Pathirage

28 Aug 2021

Microservices Security with Ballerina

By Chanaka Lakmal

3 Aug 2021

Go Real-Time with Ballerina WebSockets

By Bhashinee Nirmali

28 July 2021

Single Liner Payload Read…

By Chamil Elladeniya

6 June 2021

A Practical Guide to Ballerina Remote Debugging

By Praveen Nadarajah

31 March 2021

Introduction to GraphQL with Ballerina

By Anjana Fernando

10 Feb 2021

HTTP Deep-Dive with Ballerina: Services

By Anjana Fernando

29 Jan 2021

Introduction to Azure Functions in Ballerina

By Anjana Fernando

23 July 2020

Redesigning of Ballerina Cache

By Chanaka Lakmal

27 June 2020

Featured videos & podcasts

Simplifying Cloud Native Application Development with Ballerina

By Eric Newcomer and Darryl Taft

8 June 2022

Data-oriented Programming with Ballerina

James Clark Interviewed by Yehonathan Sharvit

27 April 2022

Why should you start programming with Ballerina?

By Sanjiva Weerawarana

2 March 2022

Other resources

Language introduction slides

A high-level overview of the Ballerina language

Ballerina type system slides

An introduction to the type system of the Ballerina language

1 June 2021