2021 Issue 6

Issue #6 - November 24, 2021

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Last month we brought you Swan Lake Beta3, and this month we’re excited to announce the release of Swan Lake Beta4! If you haven’t done so already, download our latest release and give us your feedback via our Slack channel. To see all the changes and improvements we’ve made so far, read our full release note announcement.

If you thought things couldn't get even more exciting, we’re planning to launch Beta5 just before the holiday season and our Swan Lake GA release will be available in January 2022. We will reach out to members of the community such as yourself, to gather some interesting use cases. Watch this space for the latest news!

In the meantime, check out some of these insightful articles curated by the Ballerina team.

Featured Articles

Concurrency-Safety Using Ballerina Isolation

The concept of isolation in Ballerina ensures the safety of shared resources during concurrent execution. Hinduja Balasubramaniyam takes an in-depth look at the concurrent safety support of Ballerina and explores how HTTP services can be implemented to provide timely and accurate responses using isolation. Read more

Binding Patterns in Ballerina

In Ballerina, the term "binding pattern" represents the ability for different parts of a single structured value to have each of its parts assigned to separate variables at the same time. This concept makes it easier to extract information from structured values in a cleaner way.

Want an in-depth overview of binding patterns? Then check out Suleka Helmini’s DZone articles, which cover the basic concepts of binding pattern and how to use the two main language concepts that employ Ballerina binding patterns.

Securing Microservices with JWT

Ballerina offers first-class support for multiple security features. From transport layer security such as SSL/TLS or mTLS to application layer security options such as Basic Authentication, JWT Authentication, or OAuth2. In his blog, Chanaka Lakmal shows us how to secure a microservices deployment practically with JWT Auth, using the Ballerina programming language.

Understanding the Language Server Protocol

The Language Server Protocol, introduced by Microsoft, standardizes the communication between language development support tools and code editors. In his article, Malintha Ranasinghe provides a great introduction to the Essentials of The Language Server Protocol 3.17. The basic properties such as the messages and capabilities of the protocol are covered in this article.


Ballerina Community Call

In October, we spoke about Managing Dependencies in Ballerina. If you missed it, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

Our next and final Community Call for 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30, from 9.00 a.m-10.00 a.m PST. We will discuss the changes in the WebSub/WebSubHub Package in Ballerina Swan Lake.

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Open Source Summit - Japan

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, our very own Imesha Sudasingha will be presenting at the Open Source Summit - Japan at 3.30 p.m. (Japan Standard Time). Imesha will present - “Ballerina Swan Lake: the Open Source Cloud-Native Programming Language Revamped”. Click here to register and attend virtually.

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