Ballerina trademark usage policy

The open-source software licenses under which the Ballerina language is released do not extend to the Ballerina Trademark nor does it give an implied right or license to use the Ballerina Trademarks.

You can download the Ballerina logo in the formats below.

Info: In situations where the original logo can not be used on a given background or a print medium, the Ballerina inverted logo can be used.

Logo colors

The coloration of the Ballerina logo is an essential element in setting a recognizable tone and identity. Consistent use of color enhances the strength of the identity.

The primary color for the logo is a dark gray shade, which is accompanied by a vibrant teal.

These colors should be balanced by adding white and light gray to complete the palette. Although the secondary palette adds greater depth to web and interactive applications, never use it in place of the primary brand colors. Rather, use it to provide further color variations for communication.

As a rule, the Pantone colors represent the most exact matches of the brand colors and should be used primarily. The CMYK values can be used alternatively when Pantone is not available. For onscreen uses (presentations, email, and other digital applications), use the RGB values.


Dark Gray
Pantone® 431 C
Pantone® 432 U
CMYK 0/0/0/80
RGB 88/90/94
Web #585A5E

Pantone® 325 C
Pantone® 325 U
CMYK 60/0/25/0
RGB 88/209/202
Web #52C3C2

Lt Gray
Pantone® 325 C
Pantone® 325 U
CMYK 0/0/0/16
RGB 230/234/235

CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB 0/0/0
Web #ffffff

General guidelines

It is permitted to use the Ballerina Trademark without damaging its value and goodwill by adhering to the guidelines below.

  1. The Ballerina Trademark must only be used as an adjective followed by the generic name (do not use it as a verb, noun, or in the plural or possessive form).

  2. The Ballerina Trademark must not be altered or amended in any way.

  3. The Ballerina Trademark must not be combined or incorporated with any other logo, design, mark, hyphenated, abbreviated, or displayed in parts.

  4. The Ballerina Trademark or a part of it must not be used as a domain name or product name.

  5. The trademark notice accompanying the Ballerina Trademark must not be changed. (E.g., The ® mark should not be replaced by the ™ mark.)

  6. The logo should always be used in situations that are in favor of Ballerina and WSO2. It is prohibited to use the logo in a way that would be in WSO2’s sole opinion derogatory, misrepresenting, unfair, libelous, obscene, or with false statements. This shall include but is not limited to the usage of the logo on blogs, social media, presentations, or other public platforms.

Proper uses

If your usage of the logo is within the permitted scenarios listed above, then you should follow these visual guidelines when you are displaying the Ballerina Trademarks.

1. Use ample clear space.

To ensure that the Ballerina logo is the most highly visible whenever used, it’s important to have plenty of clear space surrounding the logo. This specifically refers to graphics, type, and other elements that could clutter and distract from the identity of the logo.

All sides of the logo must have adequate clear space, which are equal to the height of the letter "B" denoted by the "X" as shown in the diagram. The clear space around the logo will need to scale proportionally to the size of the logo.

2. Use a size above the minimum.

Care must be taken in the reproduction of the Ballerina logo. At small sizes, the artwork loses integrity which reflects badly on the brand.

The minimum length should be no less than 50px (0.7 inch) and usage below 50px is not allowed. But the ideal minimum length is 75px (1.0 inch).

Ideal Small Sizes Print

75px (1.0 inch) length

Minimum Approved Sizes Print

50px (1.0 inch) length

Too Small for Print Reproduction

Below 50px (0.7 inch) length

3. Use colors based on the background.

Use the normal logo for lighter backgrounds. If the background color is darker, use the inverted logo to make it clearly visible.

Improper uses

The Ballerina logo should always be seen clearly and consistently. Altering or recreating the Ballerina logo in any way is not allowed. When using the logo, avoid the mistakes below.


WSO2 does not make any express or implied warranties including but not limited to the warranties of non-infringement of any third party intellectual property rights.

Also, WSO2 shall not be liable for any claims relating to the user’s activities falling within the scope of the permission and the user hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold WSO2 and its contributors harmless against any such claims. All Ballerina Trademarks are owned by WSO2, Inc.,