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Interactions between businesses, such as sending purchase orders and invoices, usually occur over EDI-based B2B channels. On the other hand, sales and customer details related to such transactions are maintained in Salesforce. Therefore, it's critical to bridge Salesforce with B2B channels in order to automate the sales processes. For example, it is possible to update the status and details of opportunities in Salesforce based on the exchange of EDI messages like `EDIFACT REQOTE` (Request for quotation), `EDIFACT QUOTES` (Quotation response), `EDIFACT ORDERS` (Purchase order), etc. Such integrations will eliminate the delays and inconsistencies in updating Salesforce and provide up-to-date information for sales staff and decision makers.

The code sample below reads `EDIFACT REQOTE` EDI files from a given FTP location and creates a Salesforce Opportunity.

Flow Diagram
import ballerina/file;
import ballerina/ftp;
import ballerina/io;

import ballerinax/edifact.d03a.retail.mREQOTE;
import ballerinax/salesforce as sf;

configurable ftp:ClientConfiguration ftpConfig = ?;
configurable string ftpNewQuotesPath = ?;
configurable string ftpProcessedQuotesPath = ?;
configurable sf:ConnectionConfig salesforceConfig = ?;
configurable string salesforcePriceBookId = ?;

public function main() returns error? {
    sf:Client salesforce = check new (salesforceConfig);
    ftp:Client fileServer = check new ftp:Client(ftpConfig);

    // Get new quotes from the FTP new quotes directory, and iterate through them.
    ftp:FileInfo[] quoteList = check fileServer->list(ftpNewQuotesPath);
    foreach ftp:FileInfo quoteFile in quoteList {
        if !".edi") {

        // Fetch the EDI file containing the quote from the FTP server.
        stream<byte[] & readonly, io:Error?> fileStream = check fileServer->get(quoteFile.path);
        string quoteText = check streamToString(fileStream);

        // Parse the EDI file and transform in to Ballerina record containing only the required data.
        mREQOTE:EDI_REQOTE_Request_for_quote_message quote = check mREQOTE:fromEdiString(quoteText);
        QuoteRequest quoteRequest = check transformQuoteRequest(quote);

        // Get the corresponding account Id and oppurtunity Id from Salesforce.
        // Create a new Opportunity if an Opportunity with the given name does not exist. 
        stream<Id, error?> accQuery = check salesforce->query(
            string `SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE Name = '${quoteRequest.accountName}'`);
        record {|Id value;|}? account = check;
        check accQuery.close();
        if account is () {
            return error("Account not found. Account name: " + quoteRequest.accountName);
        Opportunity opp = {
            Name: quoteRequest.oppName,
            AccountId: account.value.Id,
            Pricebook2Id: salesforcePriceBookId
        string oppId = "";
        stream<Id, error?> oppQuery = check salesforce->query(
            string `SELECT Id FROM Opportunity WHERE Name = '${quoteRequest.oppName}'`);
        record {|Id value;|}? existingOpp = check;
        check oppQuery.close();
        if existingOpp is () {
            sf:CreationResponse oppResult = check salesforce->create("Opportunity", opp);
            oppId =;
        } else {
            oppId = existingOpp.value.Id;

        // Create Opportunity line items for each item in the quote.
        foreach ItemData item in quoteRequest.itemData {
            stream<PriceBookEntry, error?> query = check salesforce->query(
              string `SELECT UnitPrice FROM PricebookEntry WHERE Pricebook2Id = '01s6C000000UN4PQAW' AND Product2Id = '${item.itemId}'`);
            record {|PriceBookEntry value;|}? unionResult = check;
            check query.close();
            if unionResult is () {
                return error(string `Pricebook entry not found. Opportunity name: ${quoteRequest.oppName}, Item ID: ${item.itemId}`);
            OpportunityProduct oppProduct = {
                OpportunityId: oppId,
                Product2Id: item.itemId,
                Quantity: item.quantity,
                UnitPrice: unionResult.value.UnitPrice
            _ = check salesforce->create("OpportunityLineItem", oppProduct);

        // Move the processed quote to the processed quotes FTP directory.
        check fileServer->put(check file:joinPath(ftpProcessedQuotesPath,, quoteText.toBytes());
        check fileServer->delete(quoteFile.path);

function transformQuoteRequest(mREQOTE:EDI_REQOTE_Request_for_quote_message quote) returns QuoteRequest|error {
    QuoteRequest quoteRequest = {accountName: "", oppName: ""};
    mREQOTE:Segment_group_1_GType[] segmentGroup1 = quote.Segment_group_1;
    foreach mREQOTE:Segment_group_1_GType ref in segmentGroup1 {
        if ref.REFERENCE.REFERENCE.Reference_code_qualifier == "AES" {
            string? oppId = ref.REFERENCE.REFERENCE.Reference_identifier;
            if oppId is () {
                return error("Opportunity ID is not given");
            quoteRequest.oppName = oppId;
    mREQOTE:Segment_group_11_GType[] segmentGroup11 = quote.Segment_group_11;
    foreach mREQOTE:Segment_group_11_GType party in segmentGroup11 {
        if party.NAME_AND_ADDRESS.Party_function_code_qualifier == "BY" {
            string? prospectId = party.NAME_AND_ADDRESS?.PARTY_IDENTIFICATION_DETAILS?.Party_identifier;
            if prospectId is () {
                return error("Prospect identifier not available in quote.");
            quoteRequest.accountName = prospectId;
    mREQOTE:Segment_group_27_GType[] items = quote.Segment_group_27;
    foreach mREQOTE:Segment_group_27_GType item in items {
        string? itemId = item.LINE_ITEM.Line_item_identifier;
        if itemId is () {
            return error("Item ID is not given");
        ItemData itemData = {itemId};
        mREQOTE:QUANTITY_Type[] quantities = item.QUANTITY;
        foreach mREQOTE:QUANTITY_Type quantity in quantities {
            if quantity.QUANTITY_DETAILS.Quantity_type_code_qualifier == "21" {
                int|error amount = int:fromString(quantity.QUANTITY_DETAILS.Quantity);
                if amount is error {
                    return error("Quantity must be a valid number.");
                itemData.quantity = amount;
    return quoteRequest;

function streamToString(stream<byte[] & readonly, io:Error?> inStream) returns string|error {
    byte[] content = [];
    check inStream.forEach(function (byte[] & readonly chunk) {
    return string:fromBytes(content);
Sequence Diagram