Setting up Ballerina

Let's get started.

Trying Ballerina in the Playground

You can use the Ballerina Playground to write Ballerina programs without installing anything.

Downloading Ballerina

Download Ballerina based on the operating system you are using and install it.

For more download options, see Downloads.

Installing Ballerina

Double-click on the package file you downloaded above to launch the installer. The installer guides you through the installation process and installs the Ballerina distribution.

For more installation options, see Installation Options.

Updating Ballerina

Once you have Ballerina installed, you can use the Update Tool to update it to the latest version. To do this, execute the command below in a new CLI tab.

bal dist update

Info: If you want to pull a specific Ballerina version, execute the bal dist pull <VERSION> command (e.g., bal dist pull slbeta3).

Info: You might need to first update the Update Tool to its latest version. If you have an Update Tool version below 0.8.14, execute the ballerina update command or else execute the bal update command to do this.

For more information, see Update Tool.

Installing the VSCode Extension

Ballerina provides an extension to try out its development capabilities in Visual Studio Code. For instructions on setting it up, see Quick Start.

What’s Next?

Now, that your environment for Ballerina is all set up and running, let’s write your first Ballerina program.