Test Driven Development for Microservices

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Test driven development (TDD) emphasizes test-first development. What happens when you apply TDD to a programming language that generates hosted microservices operating against different protocols?

In this session, Lynn and Tyler will discuss methods to apply TDD to various types of endpoints and they will present Testerina, a built-in unit testing framework for Ballerina. They will also present and demo Ballerina sample code that tests both Ballerina services and integration with external services. The speakers will also discuss Testerina features, such as before/after execution, data-driven testing, test ordering, and functional service mocks.


Lynn Langit Cloud Architect, Technical Author

Lynn Langit is a consultant in the Southern California area focused on big data and cloud architecture. In addition to having designed many production AWS solutions, Lynn has also created and delivered technical content about the practicalities of working with the AWS Cloud at developer conferences worldwide. And she has created a series of technical AWS cloud screencasts on YouTube. Along with her professional cloud work, Lynn is the co-founder and a primary courseware author with the global non-profit, Teaching Kids Programming.

Tyler Jewell CEO, WSO2

Tyler is a proven enterprise leader and prolific developer-centric investor. At Codenvy, he founded and built a category-leading cloud DevOps company acquired by Red Hat in 2017. Tyler created and led Eclipse Che, an open source Docker development environment with contributions from 100s representing the world’s largest software companies. As a Toba Capital partner, angel, and board member, he’s led $100 million in developer investments including Cloudant (acquired by IBM), Sauce Labs, Sourcegraph, ZeroTurnaround, InfoQ, and AppHarbor (acquired by Microsoft).