Secure by Design Microservices & Integrations

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Security has become a top priority in cloud native, integration and microservices programing. Years of maintaining a good reputation could be irrecoverably damaged with a single security breach.

Security is not an easy problem. It is easy to overlook something when attack patterns and security techniques evolve rapidly. What if the programming language you are using is aware of these security threats and keeps evolving along with new developments in the security landscape?

In this session, Ayoma will walk through securing microservices and how Ballerina helps developers to write secure programs by providing inherent protection against threats listed in OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities and SANS Top 25 Software Errors. The session will also include demonstrations on the Ballerina compiler's security awareness features and how it prevents mistakes that could result in major security breaches.


Ayoma Wijethunga Associate Technical Lead, WSO2

Ayoma is a key member of WSO2's Platform Security Team focused on maintaining and constantly improving security culture within the organization. Collaborating with security researchers and engaging with customers in ensuring the security of mission-critical deployments interest him the most. He is actively working on curating secure engineering processes and guidelines while majorly contributing to security innovations, automation, and evangelism. He is also an organizer and a regular speaker at Colombo White Hat Security meetup and Hacker-Club CTF meetup which promote security awareness within the local community.