Observability with Ballerina

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Observability has become a key aspect in our software architectures, where the ability to track and understand the state of the applications has proven useful in managing the overall health of a system. Ballerina provides inbuilt observability features, and users can automatically obtain feedback and the statistics on how their programs are running. This makes the lives of an engineers much easier as they can track and predict the behavior of the system and fine tune it for maximum efficiency. This also helps to avoid any possible impending failures.


Nathan LeClaire Senior Engineer, Honeycomb.io

Nathan LeClaire is a Go programmer and open source enthusiast originally hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. He has worked on projects such as Docker Machine and currently is pursuing his passion for observability, columnar stores, and sales at honeycomb.io.

Anjana Fernando Director - Engineering, WSO2

Anjana is a key part of WSO2’s Ballerina and ecosystem engineering team where he spearheads efforts to shape the capabilities offered in the related technology areas. He has also contributed to WSO2’s integration-related projects, including the Ballerina programming language, in the areas of the VM, transactions, and data handling. He has carried out several onsite customer engagements providing support for integration and analytics projects as well.