Microservice Integration & Ballerina

Ballerina is an attempt to build a modern industrial-grade programming language. One of its key objectives is to make microservices and integration-heavy programming simpler by baking integration concepts into the language, such as a network-aware type system, first-class network services, and resources along with functions/objects, distributed transactions, stream processing, etc.

In this session, Sameera will discuss and demonstrate how Ballerina simplifies your microservices development. Also, he will show you how Ballerina helps you to achieve agility and integration simplicity with its first-class integration syntax and environmental deployment constructs.


Sameera Jayasoma Director - Platform Architecture, WSO2

Sameera is the lead architect and developer of Ballerina language compiler and runtime, and he is also the third primary contributor of the Ballerina language specification. He is a member of WSO2’s architecture team that drives development and enhancement of overall WSO2 platform capabilities. He is also one of the lead architects behind the WSO2 Carbon, WSO2 Update Manager (WUM) projects. Sameera holds a first class honors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.