Ballerina Development Lifecycle and Tools

Typically, you find a distinguishable set of tools for integration development and general programming. Ballerina is a simple programming language designed for integration. When writing integrations with Ballerina, you would often require capabilities of both integration-specific tools and IDE-based programing language support; therefore, ballerina comes with a unique set of tools to fulfill requirements for integration development.

During this talk, we will look at Ballerina's development lifecycle and how the available tools can be utilized to increase productivity and ensure that quality is maintained during integration development.


Joseph Priyanga Architect / Associate Director, WSO2

Joseph is an Architect at WSO2. He is currently leading the ballerina IDE based tooling development. He is also a contributor to the ballerina language specification and plays a key role in designing ballerina graphical syntax. Joseph has also worked in the API Manager domain extensively and is a contributor to WSO2 API Manager. Prior to WSO2, he worked at Respere Lanka (Pvt) Ltd as an architect.