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PatternWire tap publishes each incoming message unmodified to a secondary channel for inspection and analysis.
How Ballerina helps

Ballerina has a lightweight concurrency model with built-in syntax support. This helps to send messages to a secondary channel parallelly without blocking the main channel.

Wire TapMessage ChannelMessage Endpoint
import ballerina/http;

type SnowflakeRequest record {
    string statement;
    string timeout = "60";
    string database = "messageLog";
    string schema = "message";
    string role = "logger";

type StockResponse record {
    string ParentHandlingUnitUUID;
    string StockItemUUID;
    string EWMWarehouse;
    string HandlingUnitNumber;
    string ShelfLifeExpirationDate;
    string CountryOfOrigin;

type LogLevel "INFO"|"WARNING"|"ERROR";

final http:Client sapClient = check new ("");
final http:Client db = check new ("");

service /warehouse on new http:Listener(8080) {

    resource function get stock(string parentId, string productId) returns StockResponse|error {
        StockResponse result = check sapClient->/WarehousePhysicalStockProducts/[parentId]/[productId];
        worker w returns error? {
            check wiretap("stock", "INFO", result.toString());
        return result;

function wiretap(string tableName, LogLevel severity, string message) returns error? {
    SnowflakeRequest snowflakeRequest = {statement: string `insert into ${tableName} values (${message}, ${severity}))`};
    json _ = check db->/;