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PatternPoint-to-Point Channel ensures that only one receiver consumes any given message.
How Ballerina helps

Ballerina supports a rich set of libraries to support various messaging protocols. These protocols support point-to-point messaging semantics. E.g.: HTTP, gRPC, GraphQL.

Point-to-Point ChannelMessage ChannelCommand Message
import ballerina/http;

type ProductCreationResponse record {|
    boolean success;
    string id;

final http:Client zuora = check new ("");

public function main() returns error? {
    var product = {
        "Description": "Cell phone service for call center operators",
        "EffectiveEndDate": "2025-10-01",
        "EffectiveStartDate": "2023-10-01",
        "Name": "Cell Phone Service",
        "SKU": "API-SKU09723199712"
    _ = check zuora->/v1/'object/, targetType = ProductCreationResponse);