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PatternThe Messaging Mapper maps infrastructure messages to domain objects.
How Ballerina helps

Ballerina services facilitate the direct mapping of incoming and outgoing domain objects to JSON values. Ballerina's table data structure offers the ability to store domain objects in memory, closely resembling the functionality of SQL-based tables.

Messaging MapperMessage Translator
import ballerina/graphql;
import ballerina/uuid;

public type Item record {|
    string code;
    int quantity;
    decimal unitPrice;

public type PurchasingRequest record {|
    string customerId;
    string agentId;
    Item[] items;

public type Invoice record {|
    readonly string invoiceId;
    decimal total;

final table<Invoice> key(invoiceId) invoices = table [];

service /api/v1 on new graphql:Listener(8080) {

    resource function get invoice(string invoiceId) returns Invoice? {
        return invoices[invoiceId];

    remote function createInvoice(PurchasingRequest purchasingRequest) returns Invoice {
        Invoice invoice = {
            invoiceId: uuid:createType1AsString(),
            total: from var {unitPrice, quantity} in purchasingRequest.items
                   let var itemTotalPrice = unitPrice * quantity
                   collect sum(itemTotalPrice)
        return invoice;