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PatternMessage channel connects one application to another, where one application writes information to the channel and the other one reads.
How Ballerina helps

Ballerina supports message systems via its rich set of libraries. These libraries have Clients and Listeners to write and read messages.

Message ChannelPoint-to-Point ChannelMessage
import ballerina/websocket;

final map<websocket:Caller> connectionMap = {};

service /chat on new websocket:Listener(8080) {
    resource function get .() returns websocket:Service {
        return new ChatService();

service class ChatService {

    remote function onOpen(websocket:Caller caller) returns error? {
        string newUserConnectionId = caller.getConnectionId();
        connectionMap[newUserConnectionId] = caller;
        string message = string `New user joined with connection id: ${newUserConnectionId}`;
        check broadcaseMessage(message, newUserConnectionId);

    remote function onMessage(websocket:Caller caller, string chatMessage) returns error? {
        check broadcaseMessage(chatMessage, caller.getConnectionId());

    remote function onClose(websocket:Caller caller) returns error? {
        _ = connectionMap.remove(caller.getConnectionId());

function broadcaseMessage(string message, string senderConnectionId) returns error? {
    foreach var [connectionId, wsChannel] in connectionMap.entries() {
        if connectionId != senderConnectionId {
            check wsChannel->writeMessage(message);