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PatternEnvelope Wrapper wraps application data inside an envelope that is compliant with the messaging infrastructure.
How Ballerina helps

Ballerina provides a rich set of libraries to interact with various messaging protocols. Ballerina allows you to extract information from messages and create new messages, manipulating data in both the body and the header.

Envelope WrapperContent EnricherMessage ChannelMessage
import ballerina/http;

type RefundRequest record {|
    string request_id;
    string email;
    string client_id;
    string capture_id;

type PaypalRespose record {|
    string status;
    string message;

final http:Client paypalClient = check new ("");
final string encodedHeader = {alg: "none"}.toString().toBytes().toBase64();

service /paypal on new http:Listener(8080) {
    resource function post refund(RefundRequest refundReq) returns PaypalRespose|error {
        // Generate PayPal-Auth-Assertion.
        string authAssertionValue = getAuthAssertionValue(refundReq.client_id,;

        http:Request request = new;
        request.addHeader("PayPal-Request-Id", refundReq.request_id);
        request.addHeader("PayPal-Auth-Assertion", authAssertionValue);
        return paypalClient->/v2/payments/captures/[refundReq.capture_id]/;

isolated function getAuthAssertionValue(string client_id, string email) returns string {
    map<string> payload = {
        iss: client_id,
        payer_id: email
    string encodedPayload = payload.toString().toBytes().toBase64();
    return string `${encodedHeader}.${encodedPayload}.`;