The sections below include information about the usages of the Ballerina GraphQL tool.

GraphQL to Ballerina

The GraphQL to Ballerina command supports several usages in the Ballerina GraphQL tool as follows.

bal graphql [-i | --input] <graphql-configuration-file-path> [-o | --output] <output-location> 

The command-line arguments below can be used with the command for each particular purpose as described below.

-i, --inputThe graphql-configuration-file-path parameter specifies the path of the GraphQL config file (e.g., graphql.config.yaml) configured with GraphQL schemas (SDL) and GraphQL documents. This parameter is mandatory. You can point to the GraphQL config file by using the mandatory flag (-i, --input).
-o, --outputThe output-location parameter specifies the path of the output location of the generated files. This parameter is optional. If this parameter is not specified, the Ballerina files are generated at the same location from which the GraphQL command is executed. Optionally, you can point to another directory location by using the optional flag (-o, --output).