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Module Overview

This module provides lang library operations on int values defined by the language specification 2019R3.



Returns absolute value of an int.


Returns the integer that s represents in hexadecimal. Both uppercase A-F and lowercase a-f are allowed. It may start with an optional + or - sign. No 0x or 0X prefix is allowed. Returns an error if the s is not in an allowed format.


Returns the integer that s represents in decimal. Returns error if s is not the decimal representation of an integer. The first character may be + or -. This is the inverse of value:toString applied to an int.


Maximum of one or more int values.


Minimum of one or more int values


Returns sum of zero or more int values.


Returns representation of n as hexdecimal string. There is no 0x prefix. Lowercase letters a-f are used. Negative numbers will have a - prefix. No sign for non-negative numbers.