Module : lang.decimal

Module Overview

This module provides lang library operations on decimal values defined by the language specification 2019R3.



IEEE abs operation.


Rounds a decimal up to the closest integral value.


Rounds a decimal down to the closest integral value.


Return the decimal value represented by s. s must follow the syntax of DecimalFloatingPointNumber as defined by the Ballerina specification with the following modifications

  • the DecimalFloatingPointLiteral may have a leading + or - sign
  • a FloatingPointTypeSuffix is not allowed This is the inverse of value:toString applied to an decimal.

Maximum of one or more decimal values.


Minimum of one or more decimal values


Round a decimal to the closest integral value. Returns the decimal value that is a mathematical integer and closest to x. If there are two such values, choose the one that is even (this is the round-to-nearest rounding mode, which is the default for IEEE and for Ballerina). Same as Java Math.rint method Same as .NET Math.Round method IEEE 754 roundToIntegralTiesToEven operation Note that <int>x is the same as <int>x.round()


Sum of zero or more decimal values.