Record - http : WebSocketClientConfiguration

Configurations for the WebSocket client endpoint.


  • callbackService service? (default ())
  • The callback service of the client. Resources in this service gets called on the receipt of messages from the server

  • subProtocols string[] (default [])
  • Negotiable sub protocols of the client

  • customHeaders map<string> (default {})
  • Custom headers, which should be sent to the server

  • idleTimeoutInSeconds int (default -1)
  • Idle timeout of the client. Upon timeout, the onIdleTimeout resource (if defined) of the client service will be triggered

  • readyOnConnect boolean (default true)
  • Set to true if the client is ready to receive messages as soon as the connection is established. This is set to true by default. If changed to false, the ready() function of the WebSocketClient needs to be called once to start receiving messages

  • maxFrameSize int (default 0)
  • The maximum payload size of a WebSocket frame in bytes If this is not set, is negative, or is zero, the default frame size of 65536 will be used.

  • webSocketCompressionEnabled boolean (default true)
  • Enable support for compression in the WebSocket

  • handShakeTimeoutInSeconds int (default 300)
  • Time (in seconds) that a connection waits to get the response of the webSocket handshake. If the timeout exceeds, then the connection is terminated with an error.If the value < 0, then the value sets to the default value(300).