Record - http : PoolConfiguration

Configurations for managing HTTP client connection pool.


  • maxActiveConnections int (default config:getAsInt(b7a.http.pool.maxActiveConnections, -1))
  • Max active connections per route(host:port). Default value is -1 which indicates unlimited.

  • maxIdleConnections int (default config:getAsInt(b7a.http.pool.maxIdleConnections, 100))
  • Maximum number of idle connections allowed per pool.

  • waitTimeInMillis int (default config:getAsInt(b7a.http.pool.waitTimeInMillis, 30000))
  • Maximum amount of time, the client should wait for an idle connection before it sends an error when the pool is exhausted

  • maxActiveStreamsPerConnection int (default config:getAsInt(b7a.http.pool.maxActiveStreamsPerConnection, 50))
  • Maximum active streams per connection. This only applies to HTTP/2.