Record - http : ListenerConfiguration

Provides a set of configurations for HTTP service endpoints.


  • host string
  • The host name/IP of the endpoint

  • secureSocket ListenerSecureSocket? ()
  • The SSL configurations for the service endpoint. This needs to be configured in order to communicate through HTTPS.

  • httpVersion string 1.1
  • Highest HTTP version supported by the endpoint

  • filters RequestFilter | ResponseFilter []
  • If any pre-processing needs to be done to the request before dispatching the request to the resource, filters can applied

  • timeoutInMillis int DEFAULT_LISTENER_TIMEOUT
  • Period of time in milliseconds that a connection waits for a read/write operation. Use value 0 to disable timeout

  • server string ()
  • The server name which should appear as a response header

  • webSocketCompressionEnabled boolean true
  • Enable support for compression in WebSocket