Record - http : FailoverClientConfiguration

Provides a set of HTTP related configurations and failover related configurations.


  • httpVersion string HTTP_1_1
  • The HTTP version to be used to communicate with the endpoint

  • timeoutInMillis int 60000
  • The maximum time to wait (in milliseconds) for a response before closing the connection

  • forwarded string disable
  • The choice of setting forwarded/x-forwarded header

  • targets TargetService[] []
  • The upstream HTTP endpoints among which the incoming HTTP traffic load should be sent on failover

  • cache CacheConfig {}
  • The configurations for controlling the caching behaviour

  • compression Compression COMPRESSION_AUTO
  • Specifies the way of handling compression (accept-encoding) header

  • failoverCodes int [501, 502, 503, 504]
  • Array of HTTP response status codes for which the failover behaviour should be triggered

  • intervalInMillis int 0
  • Failover delay interval in milliseconds