Record - http : CookieConfig

Client configuration for cookies.


  • enabled boolean (default false)
  • User agents provide users with a mechanism for disabling or enabling cookies

  • maxCookiesPerDomain int (default 50)
  • Maximum number of cookies per domain, which is 50

  • maxTotalCookieCount int (default 3000)
  • Maximum number of total cookies allowed to be stored in cookie store, which is 3000

  • blockThirdPartyCookies boolean (default true)
  • User can block cookies from third party responses and refuse to send cookies for third party requests, if needed

  • persistentCookieHandler PersistentCookieHandler
  • To manage persistent cookies, users are provided with a mechanism for specifying a persistent cookie store with their own mechanism which references the persistent cookie handler or specifying the CSV persistent cookie handler. If not specified any, only the session cookies are used