Record - http : CacheConfig

Provides a set of configurations for controlling the caching behaviour of the endpoint.


  • enabled boolean true
  • Specifies whether HTTP caching is enabled. Caching is enabled by default.

  • isShared boolean false
  • Specifies whether the HTTP caching layer should behave as a public cache or a private cache

  • expiryTimeInMillis int 86400
  • The number of milliseconds to keep an entry in the cache

  • capacity int 8388608
  • The capacity of the cache

  • evictionFactor float 0.2
  • The fraction of entries to be removed when the cache is full. The value should be between 0 (exclusive) and 1 (inclusive).

  • Gives the user some control over the caching behaviour. By default, this is set to CACHE_CONTROL_AND_VALIDATORS. The default behaviour is to allow caching only when the cache-control header and either the etag or last-modified header are present.