Object - http : ResponseCacheControl

Configures cache control directives for a Response.



  • mustRevalidate boolean false
  • Sets the must-revalidate directive

  • noCache boolean false
  • Sets the no-cache directive

  • noStore boolean false
  • Sets the no-store directive

  • noTransform boolean false
  • Sets the no-transform directive

  • isPrivate boolean false
  • Sets the private and public directives

  • proxyRevalidate boolean false
  • Sets the proxy-revalidate directive

  • maxAge int -1
  • Sets the max-age directive

  • sMaxAge int -1
  • Sets the s-maxage directive

  • noCacheFields string []
  • Optional fields for the no-cache directive. Before sending a listed field in a response, it must be validated with the origin server.

  • privateFields string []
  • Optional fields for the private directive. A cache can omit the fields specified and store the rest of the response.



returns string

Builds the cache control directives string from the current ResponseCacheControl configurations.

  • Return Type

  • The cache control directives string to be used in the cache-control header