2021 Issue 7

Issue #7 - December 21, 2021

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Hi ,

2021 was quite the year for us and we’re proud of the progress Ballerina has made thus far. Over the last few months, we released several beta versions of Swan Lake to improve the usability of the language and now Beta6, the last beta release, is now available for download. You can read our full release note for all the latest updates and fixes.

In addition, we are excited to announce the GA release of Ballerina Swan Lake is scheduled for January 2022. You can read about our year in review and upcoming plans, including the new Ballerina Version-String Scheme, by Sameera Jayasoma, Ballerina’s Head of Architecture, in our latest blog entry here.

Similar to our beta releases, the GA release will also contain improvements that are expected to make a significant improvement to how Ballerina feels in practice. Such improvements include:

  • Improvements to dependency management.
  • New low-code editing experience with our new VSCode plugin.
  • Bug fixes, general usability enhancements, and much more!

We’re also planning additional community engagement initiatives such as hackathons, contributor programs, and courses in 2022. So do stay tuned for details around these events.

Before we jump into our featured content, we want to thank YOU! Whether you join the community calls, subscribe to our newsletter, report issues, answer questions, tweet about us, give valuable feedback, or write Ballerina code, you are a part of this growing community. So, thank you for your support in helping us bring Ballerina to where it is today.

Featured articles

Real-time stock data updates with WebSockets using Ballerina

WebSockets make a good choice for full-duplex data communication requirements. In her latest blog post, Anupama Pathirage demonstrates how to implement a WebSocket-based service and clients using the Ballerina WebSocket module.

OpenAPI documentation for Ballerina resource APIs

Why do we need API documentation for our APIs and how do we generate OpenAPI documentation for Ballerina APIs? To find out, click here and read Sumudu Nissanka’s tutorial on how to generate an OpenAPI definition using Ballerina to benefit your API development.

Building a REST-API backend easily with Ballerina

In this article, Dhanushka Madushan focuses on building HTTP services with Ballerina and explains how to send and retrieve data from a Ballerina service. Through his demo, you will see how easy it is for developers to define inputs and outputs to and from an HTTP service. Defining HTTP services in Ballerina is rather straightforward.

gRPC compression support in Go, Java, and Ballerina

Compressing a message in network communication is an essential task to save bandwidth and increase the communication speed. Different programming languages have different ways to enable or disable gRPC compression. Buddhi Kothalawala’s article shows you how to use gRPC in Go, Java, and Ballerina.


Ballerina Community Call

During our final Community Call for 2021, we spoke about building real-time systems with WebSub. If you missed it, you can watch the recording on the Ballerina YouTube channel.

We will be back with our calls in January 2022, so stay tuned for further details! Want to get notified for all future community calls? Sign up here to receive a calendar invite.

Support us

If you haven’t done so already, please follow us on Twitter and mention @ballerinalang with the hashtag #ballerinalang when you tweet about us. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and show us your support by starring Ballerina’s GitHub repo and following us.

Thank you once again for an amazing year and we look forward to seeing you again in 2022. Happy holidays from the Ballerina team!

Until next month,
The Ballerina Team

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