2021 Issue 4

Issue #4 - September 30, 2021

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Welcome to the September edition of the Ballerina Newsletter. This month, we will be sharing a few insightful articles, including our monthly recommended read, and in case you missed them, links to our previous community calls.


Want a useful guide for gRPC fundamentals and building gRPC applications using Ballerina? Check out Anupama Pathirage’s blog post, Introduction to gRPC in Ballerina. Anupama gives a quick overview of gRPC, explores the theory behind it, and looks at how we can build simple gRPC clients and servers written in Ballerina.

If you have built gRPC applications before, you may already know there are four fundamental communication patterns used: simple RPC, server-side streaming, client-side streaming, and bidirectional streaming. Danesh Kuruppu’s article gPRC: A Deep Dive into the Communication Pattern discusses the importance of each pattern, what they have in common, and how to pick the right one.

The relationship between Ballerina and APIs

Take a look at Dulaj Dilshan’s post, Manipulating data in Ballerina for different APIs to see how you can use Ballerina to convert data to be sent as a request and retrieved as a result of an API. To demonstrate this, he uses an HTTP client to invoke PayPal APIs.

If you want an introduction to APIs and OpenAPIs, Anupama Pathirage’s DZone article highlights the relationship between Ballerina and OpenAPI, the document structure of OpenAPIs, and how OpenAPI is supported within Ballerina.

10 Compelling Language Characteristics for Cloud Native Programming

The Ballerina language has come a long way since its 1.0 release in 2019. Let’s take a step back and browse through some key characteristics of Ballerina Swan Lake and recent, significant improvements. In her article featured on InfoQ, Dakshitha Ratnayaka discusses:

  • How Ballerina addresses most use cases of scripting languages with the robustness and scalability of application languages
  • Its flexible type system
  • Ballerina’s powerful features that enable working with network data
  • The intrinsic graphical view, and more.

Recommended Read for September

Rethink the Modern Application: How to Think like a Cloud Native Engineer

This month’s recommended read will help you understand the five critical ‘mind shifts’ individuals need to undergo in order to gain an appreciation for the full import of cloud native. This piece is authored by Jason Bloomberg, the founder, and president of digital transformation analyst firm, Intellyx. Read the white paper here.

Community Call

In August, we spoke about GraphQL and Ballerina and presented a demo on converting a REST API to a GraphQL API. Missed it? Watch the recording on the Ballerina YouTube channel. Our September Community Call discusses Language Integrated Queries, including a demo of a real-world example. For those who missed out, the recording is now available on YouTube.

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