Active proposals

The active proposals list for the Ballerina GitHub repositories.


ProposalAuthorCommentsCreated dateStatus
[Improvement]: Redesign the Ballerina Shell architecture nipunayf42023-08-28N/A
[New Feature]: Formatting a Ballerina module through project-level configurationspoorna2152112023-08-23N/A


ProposalAuthorCommentsCreated dateStatus
[Proposal] Add support for MacPorts package managerconradwt92018-07-18N/A


ProposalAuthorCommentsCreated dateStatus
Immutable structures without storage identityjclark22019-09-19N/A
Timestamp proposal discussionjclark02019-07-31N/A


ProposalAuthorCommentsCreated dateStatus
[Proposal] Mesos Deploy SupportBERA12018-07-21N/A


ProposalAuthorCommentsCreated dateStatus
Reflect interceptor details in the generated OASlnash9402024-02-06N/A
Add support for marking advanced relations for SQL DB in model definitiondaneshk32024-01-22Draft
Proposal: Mapping Interceptor Responses into Generated OpenAPI SpecificationSachinAkash0162024-01-17Active
Add support for mapping DB column datatype and length to the model entity fieldsdaneshk22024-01-17Draft
Add support for making entity field(s) as unique key and composite unique keys for SQL DB daneshk32024-01-15Draft
Add support for mapping table and column name to different entity and field namedaneshk22024-01-14Draft
Proposal: GraphQL Server-side CachingDimuthuMadushan12023-12-21Active
Write unit test cases for sql clients generated using bal persist toolsdaneshk22023-11-29Accepted
Integrate bal persist generate to the bal build daneshk122023-11-16Accepted
Data mapping ballerna openapi extensionniveathika12023-11-08Draft
Add new APIs to support read/write file operations for ndjson formatdaneshk22023-10-27Draft
Proposal: Map Ballerina HATEOAS Links to OpenAPI SpecificationSachinAkash0162023-10-25Active
[Proposal] Relax error handling in HTTPshafreenAnfar22023-07-07Accepted
[Proposal] Decoupling GraphQL API development from API designshafreenAnfar32023-06-27Active
Aligning error mapping with spec generation for new HTTP error structurelnash9422023-05-21Active
Add support for marking certain entity fields as auto increment for DB clientdaneshk62023-04-18Draft
Proposal: GraphQL Custom Executable DirectivesMohamedSabthar02023-04-11Draft
Proposal: Introduce a new config to enable/disable deriving data source configs from connection configskalaiyarasiganeshalingam22023-03-29Active
Proposal: Introduce a new API to execute batch queries into multiple batcheskalaiyarasiganeshalingam42023-03-01Active
Proposal: Introduce bal protoc command to generate source code from .proto filesMadhukaHarith9262022-12-05Active
[Proposal] Dispatching to custom remote functions based on the message typeBhashinee102022-11-18Implemented
Proposal: GraphQL client subscription supportMohamedSabthar52022-10-27N/A
Proposal: Introduce a new API to wait until a given scheduled job is completed kalaiyarasiganeshalingam02022-06-20Active
Proposal: Ballerina Constraint Packageldclakmal222022-04-20Accepted
Proposal: VSCode command to download OpenAPI specificationshafreenAnfar02021-12-20Draft
Proposal: Ballerina VSCode try-out plugin for REST APIsshafreenAnfar02021-12-19Draft
Proposal: continue action for HTTP Client APIayeshLK42021-10-12Active
Proposal: xDS API Support for gRPCBuddhiWathsala22021-10-06Draft