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Welcome to the Ballerina community! Use the below channels to ask questions, find answers, post feedback, and help establish Ballerina as a truly community-owned resource.

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Join us at our upcoming events and be a part of the conversation from anywhere in the world. We host or take part in events where we talk about language features and updates, present demos, and explore Ballerina use cases.

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We have curated a list of articles, blogs, and videos that were created by the members of the Ballerina community. These resources cover aspects of the Ballerina language, platform, tools, and use cases with implementation details.


How to use Ballerina Local Repository

By Pramodya Mendis

Blog posts

A Practical Guide for Language Server Protocol

By Malintha Ranasinghe

Videos & podcasts

How Ballerina Handles Network Interaction, Data, and Concurrency

By James Clark and Charles Humble

Ballerina Slack community

Our 1000+ Slack community includes experienced Ballerina engineers and experts from some of the world’s top companies. Use this space to find answers to your questions, get support or learn how others are using Ballerina.

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Slack members

Ballerina Tech Talk

We host a public tech talk, where our engineers discuss different technical topics, show you how Ballerina can be leveraged to implement related use cases, present upcoming features, and answer all your questions live.

If you would like to suggest a topic for our next talk or give feedback on tech talks, please fill this form.

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Contribute to the source code

Make Ballerina better by contributing to its source code. Read the contribution guide and get started. Happy contributing!

Contribute to Ballerina Central

Let the whole community benefit from your work by creating and publishing your own module to Ballerina Central.

Report issues

Report issues in the respective GitHub repositories of the areas and components.

Submit a use case

Tell us how you're using Ballerina in your project and be a part of our community stories.

Host a Ballerina event

Want to talk about Ballerina at your local tech meetup? Reach us at, and we will help you with any presentation content.

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Got any questions? Want to get involved but not sure how? Need help with your first use case? Our team is here to support you. Email us today, and we will be in touch soon.


In the creation of Ballerina, we were inspired by many technologies. Thank you to all that have come before us (and forgive us if we missed one): Java, Go, C, C++, D, Rust, Haskell, Kotlin, Dart, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Flow, Swift, Elm, RelaxNG, NPM, Crates, Maven, Gradle, Kubernetes, Docker, Envoy, Markdown, GitHub, and WSO2.

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