Graphical View

A rich set of visualization tools will immensely enhance your development experience especially in the integration space. The Graphical Editor of the VS Code Ballerina extension allows you to design your integration scenario graphically. Thus, by using it, you can visualize your code in a sequence diagram, which presents the endpoint interactions and parallel invocations that happen in the code. The sections below discuss how to use the Graphical Editor and explore its capabilities.

Launching the Graphical View

The below are the two types of Graphical Views you can find in the VSCode extension.

Launching the Project Overview

This gives a graphical representation of a grouping of the content in the project modules. Click the name of the entity under BALLERINA PROJECT OVERVIEW to view its graphical representation.

Open using the project overview

Launching the File Overview

This gives a graphical representation of the content of the current Ballerina file. Use one of the methods to view it.

  1. Click the Show File Overview icon in the top right corner.

    Open Using the Show Diagram icon

  2. Select the Show File Overview command option from the Command Palette.

Exploring the Features of the Graphical View

The below sections include information to explore the features of the Graphical Editor.

Viewing the Source

From the design view, you can jump to the respective source segment as shown below.

Viewing the source

Expanding the Diagram View

You can expand the Diagram View to show not only the control flow but also to show more fine-grained statements of the constructs.

Expanding the Diagram View

What’s Next?