Setting Up Visual Studio Code

The VS Code Ballerina extension provides the Ballerina development capabilities in VS Code. The below sections include instructions on how to download, install, and use the features of the VS Code extension.

Downloading VS Code

Download the Visual Studio Code editor.

Installing the Extension

Use either of the below approaches to install the VS Code Ballerina extension.

Tip: If you installed a new Ballerina version recently, you might need to restart the VS Code Editor to pick the new Ballerina version. If you are using Mac OS, press ‘Command+Q’ keys to quit the app and reopen it.

Installing via the VS Code Editor

Click Extensions on the left-most menu of the editor, search for the Ballerina extension, and click Install.

Tip: Click Reload to reload the editor to apply the change.

Install the extension via VS Code

This downloads the extension and installs it.

Installing by Downloading the Extension

  1. Download the Visual Studio Code Ballerina Extension.

  2. Follow either of the below approaches to install the extension.

Installing via the VS Code Editor

  1. Click View in the top menu of the editor and click Command Palette.
  2. In the search bar, type “vsix” and click Extensions: Install from VSIX….
  3. Browse and select the VSIX file of the extension you downloaded.

Install using the Command Palette of the editor.

Installing via the Command Line

In a new Command Line tab, execute the below command.

$ code --install-extension <BALLERINA-EXTENSION-DIRECTORY>

Tip: In the above command, <BALLERINA_EXTENSION-DIRECTORY> refers to the path in which you saved the Ballerina extension directory (i.e., the VSIX file) you downloaded.

Using the Extension

Tip: Ballerina Language Specification supports a set of experimental features such as transactions syntax. In order to be compatible with the experimental features and for supporting language intelligence in VS Code Extension, enable the Allow Experimental option in user settings.

The sections below include information on the various capabilities that are facilitated by the VS Code Ballerina Extension for the development process.