Publishing Modules to Ballerina Central

The sections below include information about publishing modules to Ballerina Central.

The CLI Command

Pushing a module uploads it to Ballerina Central.

ballerina push <module-name>

Setting Up

Before you push your module, you must enter your Ballerina Central access token in Settings.toml in your home repository (<USER_HOME>/.ballerina/).

To get your token, register on Ballerina Central and visit the user dashboard at

If you are connected to the internet via an HTTP proxy, add the following section to Settings.toml and change accordingly.

host = "localhost"
port = "3128"
username = ""
password = ""


When you push a module to Ballerina Central, the runtime validates organizations for the user against the org-name defined in your module’s Ballerina.toml file. Therefore, when you have more than one organization in Ballerina Central, be sure to pick the organization name that you intend to push the module into and set that as the org-name in the Ballerina.toml file inside the project directory.