This API documentation is for Ballerina 1.2.0. View API documentation for the latest release.

Record - websub : SubscriberServiceConfiguration

Configuration for a WebSubSubscriber service.

Closed record


  • path string
  • Path of the WebSubSubscriber service

  • subscribeOnStartUp boolean (default true)
  • A boolean indicating whether a subscription request is expected to be sent on start up

  • target string | [string, string]
  • The string resource URL for which discovery will be initiated to identify the hub and topic, or a tuple [hub, topic] representing a discovered hub and a topic

  • leaseSeconds int
  • The period for which the subscription is expected to be active

  • secret string
  • The secret to be used for authenticated content distribution

  • callback string
  • The callback to use when registering, if unspecified host:port/path will be used

  • expectIntentVerification boolean (default false)
  • A boolean indicating whether an intent verification is expected from the hub

  • publisherClientConfig ClientConfiguration
  • The configuration for the discovery client, to use if a resource URL is specified

  • hubClientConfig ClientConfiguration
  • The configuration for the hub client used to interact with the discovered/specified hub