This API documentation is for Ballerina 1.2.0. View API documentation for the latest release.

Record - nats : StreamingSubscriptionConfigData

The configurations for the NATS streaming subscription.

Closed record


  • subject string
  • Name of the subject to which it is subscribed to

  • queueName string
  • The name of the queue group to which the subscription belongs to

  • durableName string
  • If set, this will survive client restarts

  • maxInFlight int (default 1024)
  • The number of messages the cluster will have in-flight without an ACK

  • ackWaitInSeconds int (default 30)
  • The time (in seconds) the cluster will wait for an ACK for a given message

  • subscriptionTimeoutInSeconds int (default 2)
  • The time (in seconds) the subscription will wait if a network failure occurs during the creation of it

  • manualAck boolean (default false)
  • Enables manual acknowledgments

  • startPosition StartPosition (default NEW_ONLY)
  • The position to start receiving messages